Health And Safety Policy

Smarter Connections will conduct its activities in such a way as to provide an environment which, so far as possible, protects the health, safety and welfare of all people at the workplace and actively encourages safe working practices. To achieve this, every effort will be made in the areas of accident prevention, hazard control and removal, injury protection, health preservation and promotion.

These aspects of working conditions will be given priority in organisational plans, policies and procedures, job instructions. 

No task is so important as to compromise health and safety. Adequate consideration must be given to determine a safe and healthy work method for each activity undertaken. 

Smarter Connections is committed to ensuring that:

  • All relevant legislation and statutory requirements, codes of practice and Australian Standards are complied with; 
  • Health and safety awareness and the development of hygienic and safe work
  • practices are promoted;
  • Information, training, instruction and adequate protective equipment are provided;
  • Staff are consulted and cooperated with on health and safety matters and on ways to reduce workplace hazards and improve quality control systems;
  • Effective accident analysis and incident and hazard reporting systems are maintained; and
  • The rehabilitation of injured staff is encouraged.

Workplace Health and Safety is the responsibility of all Smarter Connections stakeholders – staff members, volunteers, contractors, clients, families, carers and visitors.

Smarter Connections staff and volunteers are not expected to carry out work that is unsafe, and clients are not expected to tolerate unsafe work practices or service environments.


At Smarter Connections, we provide a small range of supports to assist clients and their families that focuses on independence, well-being and care, as and when you need it. 

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