Complaints And Grievance Policy

Smarter Connections’ approach to feedback, compliments and complaints management ensures:

  • people understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • information on the feedback, compliment and complaint management process is easily accessible;
  • increased satisfaction of clients in the management of their compliments and complaints;
  • the recording of data to identify existing or emerging trends or systemic issues;
  • staff demonstrate an awareness of Smarter Connections’ feedback;
  • compliments and complaints management processes;
  • staff develop the range of skills and capabilities required to manage compliments, complaints and feedback; and
  • an organisational culture that is focused on effective, person-centred complaints resolution and utilising feedback for continuous improvement.


At Smarter Connections, we provide a small range of supports to assist clients and their families that focuses on independence, well-being and care, as and when you need it. 

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